I created Engineer Unbound to share my expertise and passion for precision machine design and engineering collaboration with more people than I ever could as a consultant. With Engineering Unbound’s learning and training products, you or your organization can:

  • Develop the in house expertise to solve precision design challenges, develop products, or enter new markets that demand precision machine design or optomechanical engineering
  • Become more agile, lean, and competitive by implementing systems and methods that improve collaboration within your organization as well as with customers, partners, and vendors, where ever in the world they may be.

Design Consulting

But sometimes the urgency of a problem or the timing of an opportunity doesn’t allow for such an approach.

Or you would rather focus on the core competency and value proposition of your organization, and partner with an expert in precision machine design.

You can leverage my expertise and capabilities to develop a solution to your design challenge, exploit existing opportunities, or enter new markets for your products and services. You can achieve aggressive performance and cost objectives, bring products to market faster, and capitalize on new market opportunities without increasing fixed costs.

In the process, I’ll share my knowledge and practices, so that not only will you achieve your project goals, but you will have enhanced the capabilities of your own organization.

Collaboration Consulting

I can help you and your team work more effectively with customers, vendors, and design partners, improving time to market and reducing costs by implementing improved collaboration methods and techniques such as using architecture as a collaboration tool.

Let’s Talk

To discuss a particular challenge or development effort, email me at rob@engineerunbound.com or call me at 866-895-7156 x. 101.